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This must be read in conjunction with the

GENERAL COMPETITION BYELAWS [2016] of Newry Musical Feis

  1. (a)     The official accompanist must be used in all Classes except where otherwise stated.
    (b)     The official accompanist will not transpose any music at sight.
    (c)     Own choice music (solo and choral) in the required key must be forwarded to the Secretary at least four weeks prior to the opening of the Feis. The Executive Committee will strictly enforce this requirement.
    (d)     Where ‘Own Choice’ is stated, the standard of the music chosen will be taken into account by the adjudicator.  A ‘Test Piece’ in the current syllabus MUST NOT be chosen by the same competitor as an ‘Own Choice Piece’ - with the exception of Set Pieces in Classes 76A, 76B, 83A and 83B.
    (e)     Original copies of music must be provided, with the sole exception of pieces from a collection which may be presented in photocopied form in accordance with point (a) in the Photocopying Guidance below.
    (f)      Photocopies of music, clearly labelled with Class details, should be presented in book form only.  The accompanist will accept neither loose single pages nor sheets held together by a single staple.
  2. No competitor may perform the same piece in more than one competition during the Feis.  Competitors are requested not to perform the same piece in successive years.
  3. (a) Competitors must take part only within their own age groupings. E.g. A competitor entered in an under 8 competition must not also enter for an under 10 or under 12 competition.
    (b) In ALL Grade classes, the performer must NOT have passed any grade higher than the one for which he/she has been entered; neither can a competitor enter ABOVE the grade which he/she has attained i.e. the competitor may ONLY enter AT the highest grade level which he/she has attained.  (Violins and violas are subject to different rules of entry) [This does not apply to the organ competitions]
  4. Competitors will not be permitted to use the official piano before competing.
  5. Performers must attain a commendation level or greater in any class where a cup/shield is to be awarded.  If no-one achieves the required standard, the cup/shield will be withheld and a gold medal will be awarded for first place.  Bursaries may also be withheld for the same reason.
  6. A conductor may not sing with his / her choir on the day of entry.
    (a)     All members of choirs singing in competition must be bona-fide members of the choir on the day of entry.
    (b)     In the case of school choirs members must be receiving full - time education and on the particular school rolls on the day of entry.
    (c)     Minimum number in choirs – 15
    (d)     Maximum number in ensembles – 25
  7. Entries will only be accepted from teachers
  8. Competitors will be judged only according to such editions, arrangements and keys specified in set Test Pieces.


  1. The Music Publishers Association has issued a revised Code of Practice on making copies of copyright works. The following concession is made for the copying of Own Choice music:
    A copy from volumes may be made for the Adjudicator only, all other copies must not be photocopied without the permission of the copyright holder in each case. When an Own Choice title is selected from a publication containing different works, and which is not published separately, one copy may be made for Adjudicator’s use at Festivals, provided that competitors have already purchased their own published copy, and that, at the close of the Class, the copy made is given to a Festival Administrator who will then destroy it.
  2. Photocopies for the Adjudicator must be totally legible, or they may be refused.
  3. The concession referred to at (a) does not apply to music for Accompanists, WHO MUST ALWAYS BE PROVIDED WITH A PUBLISHED COPY of the music.

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