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These must be read in conjunction with any current byelaws prepared by each of our Sections


  1. In all cases the appropriate fee (in sterling) must accompany competitors’ entries. Entries must be submitted on the Official Entry Form or through the electronic system provided at www.newrymusicalfeis.com
  2. An own choice must not be a selection designated as a test piece in the current syllabus [See Music Byelaw 1d].
  3. Competitors will be admitted free only to the session in which they compete.
  4. Only competitors officially submitted for entry in the programme will be allowed to perform.
  5. Competitors will follow as far as possible the order set out in the programme.
  6. Teachers are requested to adhere to the time limits as set out in the syllabus
  7. (a)     Prizes will be withheld if sufficient merit is not shown.
    (b)     Awards may be made to single entries when recommended by the adjudicator.
    (c)     In all competitions prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicator
    (d)     The adjudicator is empowered to terminate a performance at his/her discretion.
    (e)     The adjudicator’s decision will be final.
  8. (a)     Proof of age must be produced if required, and competitors must be under the age stated on 1st January in the year in which the competition is taking place or as stated in the class. E.g. “under 12” means that the 12th birthday of the entrant will not occur on or before 1st. January in the competition year “over 12” means that the entrant will have reached the age of 12 before that date.
    (b)     Where participation is for adult competitors only, the term ‘adult’ refers to any individual who is over 16. This means that the entrant will have reached the age of 16 on or before 1st January in the year in which the competition is taking place. [N.B. The Music Section has subdivisions within adult competitions]
  9. A fee of £25.00, which will be refunded if the Executive Committee [whose decision is final] upholds the protest, must accompany any protest against the infringement of the conditions of the competition.
  10. The Executive Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.
  11. All Challenge Trophies must be returned to the Trophy Secretary of the appropriate Section in good order and condition at least 4 weeks before the opening of the next Feis.
  12. Only amateurs shall be eligible to compete [see also point 14].
  13. Competitors must provide copies of own choice pieces for the adjudicator, and only original copies may be claimed at the end of the session at which they have been used.
  14. Teachers and professional performers may not compete in their professional subject. For the purposes of this byelaw, those for whom the presentation of their subject is their sole source of income shall be considered to be professional performers. Performers who receive an occasional stipend shall not be regarded as professional performers.
  15. No unauthorized photography, audio or video recording is allowed at the Feis including all competition halls, backstage and dressing-room areas.
  16. The decision of the Executive Committee in all questions arising out of, or not provided for in these byelaws, shall be final, and all entries for competitions are accepted subject to these byelaws.

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