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This must be read in conjunction with the

GENERAL COMPETITION BYELAWS [2016] of Newry Musical Feis


1. TIME LIMITS - Solo Dances up to and including 8 yrs must not exceed 1.5 minutes, except         Character & Song & Dance Classes, in which case 2 minutes are allowed

Solo Dances 9 yrs and upwards must not exceed 2 minutes.

Duets and Trios must not exceed 3 minutes.

Groups must not exceed 5 minutes.

Character & Song and Dance Classes are allowed extra time – see section in syllabus for details.

Up to 10 seconds extra will be permitted only for a musical phrase to finish. Dances will be timed from the first movement to the last movement. Performances over the time limit will be penalised by deducting 1 mark for every 5 seconds over. Checks will be in operation throughout the festival.

In all Duet and Trio Sections, competitors may not dance more than two times.

2. AWARDS - Awards, Festival Cups, Medals and Certificates are awarded at the discretion of the Adjudicator. Teachers and student teachers are not eligible for overall awards. Recipients of cups and trophies will be liable for any damage.

3. PROPS / SPECIAL LIGHTING - Stage props, kept to a minimum are permitted. Please avoid items such as glitter, hats or other objects being thrown across the stage or into the audience in acknowledgement of health and safety regulations. Special lighting and special effects are not permitted.. The setting up and striking time for props or scenery for a solo should not exceed 20 seconds or 2 minutes for a group. In order to comply with Theatre Fire Regulations, props which must be fire retardant should be brought on the day they are to be used and removed from the building immediately after the class for which they were required.

4. RUNNING ORDER -Unless a valid reason is given, a competitor or group not ready to dance in the order of the programme may be disqualified.

5. BACKSTAGE - Due to fire and safety regulations only competitors in the relevant class and their teachers will be permitted backstage except in the classes for 6 years and under. During Improvisation classes no one, except participants in the current class, will be allowed backstage or in the dressing rooms.

6. SAFETY – May we remind all parents and teachers that the safety of young people and their belongings are their responsibility during the festival.

7. OFFICIAL ENTRY FORMS must be used at all times. These may be photocopied if required. Teachers must sign each entry form.

8. AGE LIMITS - In every class the age of the competitor must be calculated as on 1st January 2017. Please ensure competitors are entered in their correct class. Teachers should indicate the age of all competitors beside the entries. Only official entry forms signed by the teacher will be accepted


All performances using music from any show are subject to copyright law. Copyright permission is required and the festival committee accepts these entries on the basis that the appropriate copyright permission has been sought. Performers or teachers with queries on how to obtain copyright permission for performance items should contact Festivals House on 0906 302 1302 before making their entries.



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